Monday, August 13, 2007

Rhabarber Pie 2007

Stefan and Mikio finally managed to meet in person, meaning that Mikio voluntarily abandoned the nice summer weather in Berlin to fly to Edinburgh to enjoy, well, the nice summer weather in Edinburgh (but don't forget to adjust the temperature by -10°C). Maybe it would've been somewhat less stressful if KLM did not decide to "delay" Mikio's baggage in Amsterdam -for almost 48 hours.

Anyway, Stefan and Mikio set up their rhabarber coding pen in Stefan's living room and started coding away, basically rewriting the very inner core of rhabarber, implementing the new language design. On the left, you see Stefan on his Apple, on the right is Mikio's Laptop running a 64bit debian, resulting not only in 32bit vs. 64bit environments, but basically also Linux against BSD. Great for debugging, of course... .

Stay tuned for more information... .